Popular LED Grow Lights In 2021 32% OFF

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Popular LED Grow Lights In 2021 32% OFF

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If you're unsure about whether eco farm grow light will be right for what you're growing, consider starting with a pilot project in a small area. That way, you can experiment with the number of lights, commerical LED grow light strips intensity (how much light they give off), placement and colour to see how it affects your plants' productivity. Regardless of how many lights you want to start with, Save on Energy incentives are available to help you save up to 50 per cent on the cost of upgrading.

ECO Farm 660W/760W/900W LED Grow Lights Samsung 301B+ Osram Chips Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light



1. Use Samsung high bin LEDs, ultra high PPFD, replace HPS 600W and 1000W perfectly

2. 660W /760W/ 900W/ multiple wattage optional

3. High lighting effect, 90% led grow light will be absorbed by plant, but to the tradition HPS light and MH light, its effect only 8% - 10%.

4. LED MODEL Meteor Storm is a high performance & affordable top-lighting solution for horticulture. Designed for applications requiring efficient,precise and uniform levels of PPFD.

If you want to know about other samsung led grow lights, welcome to visit our official website: ecofarm.ca.
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